Friday, 7 January 2011

Polite request from little old lonesome co-editor...

Hi Folks,

Matt 'n' Lee have left me to it for a couple of weeks, so be gentle with me on the old submissions front... to quote Harvey Cartel in Pulp Fiction: "Pretty please with sugar on top..."

With the risk of repeating me-self... I said, with the... yeah, there's quite a backlog (as ever), so the auto-email saying 'two weeks' is basically bollocks. :)

Be virtuous and patient, as I sift and feast on your juicy, top notch subs. Gonna have to take a leaf out of Chris Grant's book over at ATON 'n' show I can run the show on me lonesome. Problem is, TKnC is a goddamn scary place...


Ps. If yer wanna see the clip I've referred to above, it's here.

EDITED by Lee:

I'm actually back now so the martyr can relax lol.

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