Friday, 28 January 2011

HEAD BANGER By Angela R. Sargenti

Head Banger 
My name is Daphne, like the maiden who transformed herself into a tree before they could rape her.
I didn’t have time to become a tree before I was raped, but I turned into something, all right.
A head banger.
A knee knocker.
A sap (the beating kind.)
A spike-ball off a sweetgum tree, only bigger and made of steel.
It’s fall now.
The trees are left bare and shivering, like I was, and the police have long since stopped trying to solve my case.
It’s as if the whole thing never even happened.
I know where they go, though. I know where they hang out, at some filthy heavy metal club on the south side.
I think it’s time to go clubbing.
Ms. Sargenti is the author of the zombie blog, After Old Joe at and writes erotica under her own name and her pen name, AR Shannon. Her most recent story, entitled Shrimp was published on Every Night Erotica.


  1. Powerful stuff, Angela, so much said in so few words. Nice work!

  2. This was moving and emotional. The format is really cool as well. I read this a few times and it was better each time. I wish I could find out what happens at the club.

  3. WOW!! That was great. Powerful, emotional, poetic and harrowing all at the same time and in such a short piece. Bravo, Angela!

  4. This piece was a heavy-hitter (in all senses.) Such powerful imagery, and not a word wasted.

    I love the tree parallels, and the Greek myth allusions. Wonderful story.