Sunday 15 April 2012

WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN? by Angela Sargenti

Quick. Read this short, sharp shocker from Angela Sargenti before it's too late...


As soon as the raindrops hit the ground, they turn into evil scorpion men.

They splat and spread out and grow and grow, some of them six or eight feet tall within a day.

They always promised us zombies if it came down to a situation like this, and to tell you the truth, I’d trade one of those rot-bags any day for one of these ugly motherfuckers, with their hideously segmented bodies and their deadly pinchers and sharp, lethal stingers. 

You can’t get within twenty feet of these menacing bastards.

I was scared enough when they were the size of a quarter, but these sons of bitches grow and multiply and organize themselves into fiercely aggressive armies.

We stand no chance against them.  The government has bugged out already, overwhelmed days ago.

Why, oh why won’t it stop raining?


Bio: Angie is the author of the zombie blog After Old Joe, and is currently working on her next novel. She's penned dozens of erotic and horror stories and has written for Leo DeGraunce, Every Night Erotica, Oysters & Chocolate, For The Girls, and others. Her most recent work, “Snow White,” was published in Best Bondage Erotica 2012 under her pen name, AR Shannon. 

You can find her zombie blog at and her erotica website at She also invites followers on twitter, @angiesargenti


  1. Great scene and imagery you set there. Well done.

  2. This idea may have mileage, Angie... a novel perhaps?


  3. This is how I like my flash, strong images, tons of impact.

  4. Thanks for the great compliments, everybody. Check out my blog at for story updates.
    Angie Sargenti, author of Working Out the Kinks

  5. Angie, A lot said in a very few words, I reckon this could be developed into a brilliant horror scenario.