Saturday 31 December 2011

P&E Readers Poll - Lily, Col 'n' TKnC nominated!

It's that time of year again. It's great to see so many of our writer and editor friends nominated for awards this year. 

We're honoured that Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers are again in the race for 'Best Fiction Magazine', and in some great company. 

Here's the link to vote for your favourite:

Some selfless, hard-working ezine editors have been nominated... notably and unsurprisingly, our very own horror editor, Lily Childs, who has invigorated TKnC with her class. Plus, my long time mate, David Barber for resurrecting The Flash Fiction Offensive so adeptly. Top notch U.S. editor, David Cranmer is also one of my faves, for the sterling work he does over at Beat To A Pulp.

If you have a minute, vote here...

Personally, I'm ecstatic that my adult zombie short, Supper Time, has been nominated in the 'Best Short Horror Story' category (I'm supposed to be a crime writer!). It's in good company along with the likes of... Paul D Brazill... Richard Godwin... Erin Cole... the list goes on...

You can vote for your favourite horror short here...

Finally, TKnC is ably represented in the 'All Other Short Stories' section by David Barber's Best Mates and Lovers (it has the most comments of any story ever on this site), along with some crackers from Darren Sant, Graham Smith and Luca Veste, to name a few.

Vote here: 

Current standings are here.

The poll runs through to January 10th 2012.

Ps. Sorry if I missed anyone out  - nominations increase hourly.


  1. Happy New Year to all our friends!

    The Editors

  2. Hey, great TK'n'C editors and writers -
    I feel such great company here, and I support each and every one of you. Cheers to you all! Let's make 2012 another great year-

  3. What am I? Chopped liver?

    Only joking! Huge congratulations to all the deserved nominees. This has been a year (2011) of some terrific fiction appearing all over the web, as well as some of the sites newly invigorated and revamped and very deserving of the accolades. Good luck to everyone, you are all deserved winners.