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Here's another horror shocker in the old Tales of Terror style. Enjoy every juicy morsel...

Introducing Gemma Nye

When she first walked in the bar, Adrian’s eyes had followed her from the doorway all the way across the crowded Newcastle pub.

She was wearing or nearly wearing a sheer silk dress. The silver fabric clung provocatively to every lithe curve of her body. The bottom of the dress barely covered her buttocks. Small sequined straps stretched the fabric almost to bursting point. A matching set of gloves and high heels complimented the sexy ensemble perfectly.

Adrian licked his lips which were suddenly dry despite the large Jack Daniels and soda in front of him. He half stood up out of his seat in a primitive urge to be closer to this beautiful creature. Then common sense prevailed…what the hell was he going to say? ‘Do you come here often?’ 'What sign are you?’ Hmmmn?

Adrian plopped back despondently. Firstly his friends had stood him up again – they were probably waylaid down on the quay-side, and now he nearly made a fool out of himself by trying to chat up a woman that was obviously so far out of his league that it wasn’t funny.

The woman seemed to glide through the bar without touching or being jostled by the rowdy crowd. She paused from time to time to peer through the crowd…was she looking for someone?
Of course she is! Adrian told himself. A beauty like that is hardly going to be out without some male model type to buy her drinks all night.

Then quite surprisingly, she turned her head and their eyes met…across a crowded bar if you can take that…then ever so slowly she padded across the room towards him.
Adrian looked around but no one else in the blue neon lit alcove paid him or the woman any attention. After what seemed like an age, she appeared in front of him.

“Hi,” she purred. “Mind if I sit?”

“No, no, sit down…please” Adrian blabbed. He brushed imaginary dust from the vacant seat.

“Thanks, you’re a real gent.”

Adrian felt himself begin to blush, he hated it, but he turned a deep shade of red whenever he tried his hand with the opposite sex.

The woman held out a slender hand in greeting. “My name’s Gemma.”

“Adrian…Adrian Baxter,” he reciprocated, shaking her hand gently, then, “Nice gloves!”

Gemma smiled. “Yeah, I like them. They keep my hands soft and gentle…” She gazed directly into Adrian’s eyes as she spoke.

Adrian tried not staring at the expanse of bare skin on show as she crossed her very long legs, this causing the already revealing skirt to become nearly pornographic as it rode up her upper thighs.

“You meeting somebody here, Gemma?” he asked, not daring for a negative response.

“No, just out seeing what I can see.” Her eyes flashed and reflected the neon on the bar's windows.

Adrian struggled for a follow up for a second then offered, “Would you like a drink?”

Gemma smiled and tilted her head in subtle response.

“What would you like?”

“Oh, you figure it out…” she purred playfully.

Adrian made his way to the bar as quickly as possible, all the while trying to fathom the best drink for someone like his new companion.
He looked back at the woman who now appeared as a statue, motionless, bathed in blue light and achingly beautiful.
Minutes later, he appeared back at the table, amazed there wasn’t a stream of men trying their luck with this half naked Venus.

“Champagne with a shot of pomegranate juice?” as he offered the glass.

“Perfect, see I knew you had a talent for it!” She smiled.


“My drink…it’s what I would have chosen myself."

Adrian smiled in joy: damn it, he was making real headway with this babe!

“What do you do Adrian?” she enquired directly.

“I work at the Body Perfect Gym down at Durham. I’m one of the fitness instructors.”

“Hmmn, that figures by the look of you. You’ve got really good arms. No shortage of meat on your bones!” She said approvingly.

Adrian felt the blush starting to creep up his neck again. “So what do you do then? Do you live in Newcastle?”

“Well, no I don’t live here, just passing through. And to what I do for a living, I work with the Cirque de Macabre show.”

“Cirque?...Oh, the show at the O2 stadium? What do you do in it?” he asked. He’d seen some of the posters around the town advertising the risqué show. The posters had a few girls in bondage gear in provocative poses strewn around a piratical looking front-man.

He leaned closer and she mirrored his advance.

“I’m one of the performers, Miss Gemma Nye-Panthera at your service!” she announced slyly. A pink tongue flicked across her perfect teeth as if he needed any more enticement to keep him interested.

“What kind of performer?” Adrian’s trousers seemed suddenly tighter; the bar a lot warmer than it had minutes earlier.
“I’m one of the contortionists. We do the slow tumbling and stretch routines. I work with three other girls. I’m told it’s very…sensual to watch”

Adrian leaned forward again, more to disguise the swelling in his pants than to hear her. He very nearly asked ‘are you really bendy and stuff?’ then caught himself at the last second. Sexual possibilities steamed across his mind like a newsflash.

Gemma leaned back in her seat stretching her long tanned legs as she did so.

“So where are you stopping while you’re in town?”

“I’ve got my wagon up on the fields near the race-course,” she replied. She swirled the drink around as she spoke, sending a stream of pink hued bubbles spiralling to the top of the glass. “Why do you ask?”

“I…I…just asking, I didn’t mean…”

Gemma smiled, as if taking pleasure in his discomfort. “I’m just being tricky, just teasing.”

Adrian took a long pull on his whisky. Then when he had recovered he asked, “How long are you in town?”

“We’ve got one more show at the O2 then we move south. We leave for Manchester tomorrow night.”

“Shit!” he declared under his breath.

“Don’t worry Adrian; that still leaves tonight. The show finished at nine, so I’ve got the rest of the night to myself.”

“What…what do you have in mind?” he dared to ask.

Gemma leaned forward and whispered a question in his ear, so low and sensual Adrian thought he had misheard her the first time. She asked again and he nodded energetically in response.

She smiled and leaned back into her seat again.

“Well I share a caravan with my twin sister; she’s just a little on the shy side when it comes to going on the prowl. So I tend to do it for the both of us! We’re not identical but she’s still a real cute pussycat!” She arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow as if to test his responsiveness to this nugget.

“Twin sister?”

“Yeah, my sister…and me of course…could you be interested in a late supper?” she barely breathed the last words filling them with unspoken delicious suggestion.

“Of course I’m interested!” Adrian grinned. He looked around the bar as if to share his moment of glory but bizarrely, no one seemed to be clocking this half-naked temptress with legs as long as the M6.

“Come on then, no time like the present.” She uncurled her body and seemed to glide towards the door.

Adrian Baxter, knowing a chance of a lifetime when it came along, downed the remainder of his drink and followed.

The night air was sharp as he emerged from the bar, but as he followed Gemma’s barely covered rear end across the Big Market, he soon forgot the cold.
Her long athletic legs seemed to defy physics as she traversed the pavement with feline ease.

He trotted to catch up with her. His mates wouldn’t believe what they’d missed tonight. But then again if they’d been in the bar, Tony would have probably scored with Gemma instead.
Mr. Good looking - Tony would just have to miss this one!

“Where are we going?” asked Adrian as he drew level with the object of his now snowballing fantasies.

“I’m parked just round the next corner,” she replied. “Come on, keep up!”

“Lead the way Gemma lass!” he grinned.

In a few minutes of speedy walking, they arrived at a large Freelander.

“Nice!” declared Adrian as they clambered into the large 4 x 4.

A soon as the doors were closed, Gemma pulled him close and kissed him so deeply he felt intoxicated by the sudden contact. “Just a little taster before the main course!” she growled.

Adrian flopped back into his seat as she accelerated away north.

“So how long have you been with the show?” he asked.

“I was born into it. I come from a circus family.”

“So was you’re Mam & Dad gymnasts like you?”

“Well I’m not really a gymnast in the strictest sense, but I know what you mean.” She paused for a long beat…then…”My father died years ago in an aeroplane crash. And my Mum, well…have you heard the story of ‘The Elephant Man’?”

Adrian nodded. “I’ve seen some of the movie...why?”

“Well, the story goes that Joseph Merrick’s mother was startled by an elephant while she was pregnant and the Elephant Man was born as the result!”

Adrian looked across at the beauty queen as she drove, “I’m sorry you’ve lost me!” he apologised.

“Well, a big cat scared my Mum while she was carrying Della and me and we came out like this!” she cast a teasing look at her male passenger, a wicked grin curling up her glossed lips.

“You’re terrible Gemma, you really had me going for a second there!” he admitted.

“Adrian you’re going to have the time of your life. Just sit back and think about everything two perfect pussycats can do for you...or to you!”

He did just that; phantasms assailed him as he dared to imagine all of his sexual needs fulfilled. And damned if he couldn’t imagine quite a lot!

Within quarter of an hour they turned onto a darkened farm road. The Freelander bumped and jostled on the twin rutted dirt track.

“Not far now,” offered Gemma.

True to her word, within a few minutes, a large caravan was illuminated in the headlights of the vehicle.

The caravan was one of those big types that you see more on residential caravan sites. Not a little weekend tour caravan for sure.

“Come on then!” smiled Gemma as she hooked a gloved finger onto the waist band of Adrian’s trousers. “Let’s see what you’re made of!”

He followed her eagerly towards the large silver trailer. He hoped the twin sister was as good looking as Gemma. “Are you sure you’re sister - Della was it? - is OK with me coming back?”

“She’ll love you; don’t worry about it. Now, come on!”

As they entered the caravan, Adrian’s eyes took in the most wondrous sight.
The caravan was awash with art deco prints and objects d’art.
All of the seats and floors were finished with a layer of thick vinyl. Posters displaying nearly naked women were everywhere.

His eyes latched on to one in particular.

Although the bottom half of the poster was ripped away it was still plain to see the details on the remaining section.
The top half of Gemma’s chest was showing on the poster, a scant costume barely covering her modesty.
Red and gold script surrounded her image.
“Wow this is bloody amazing!” declared the impressed suitor. “This is you…” he said pointing to the poster. He began to read; “Introducing Gemma Nye…mistress of the dark, and the Fabulous Della Nye…the Panthera twins…and that’s your sister!”

Gemma smiled, scoring a ten on the sultry meter. “You want a drink?”

“Yeah sure!” he replied as he looked at the posters for various stage shows from past and present years.

He took the glass of amber liquid from Gemma and downed it in one. “Now then, where’s this sister of yours?” he asked enthusiastically.

“Oh, she’ll be through in a minute.” She nodded towards a double door that halved the caravan’s length.

Adrian sat back on a plush seat as his legs began to tingle. He tried to sit up but was surprised to find that his legs didn’t want to work.

“Gemma, I don’t feel right. My l...”

“Legs don’t work?” she interjected. “That’ll be the poison in your drink. Well not a poison really – a paralytic narcotic to be exact. It affects the limbs and your speech…but you can still feel everything else. You just can’t move or speak!”

Adrian’s mind reeled in disbelief as he tried to comprehend the sudden turn of events. “You lied to me…!” he croaked before his vocal chords ceased functioning.

“Oh no, I told you the truth. My twin sister and I do work in the shows. And the story is supposed to be true about my mother’s encounter with the big cat in India. But who really knows?” A long dramatic pause followed, then; “Would you like to see something really cool?”

Adrian tried to shout NO and shake his head but nothing but a slight tremor escaped him.

Gemma Nye pulled off her gloves and flexed her fingers. A set of two inch long talons sprang from her fingers like switchblades!

Adrian stared in mute terror at the monstrous claws.

Then Gemma smiled fully for the first time and he saw the long needle-like fangs that she had kept covered with her coy smiles and sly glances. “Are you ready to meet my sister?”

As if on cue, the double doors opened with theatrical aplomb.
Adrian screamed with all of his essence, yet all that escaped was a strangled high pitched wheeze.

Standing before him was the most horrific beast that he’d never dared to imagine to exist.
The creature defied clear description but between the rolls of deformed flesh Adrian’s fractured mind recognised details that he could actually register and comprehend.

A brief snap shot from an old horror movie flashed through his mind, the beast from ‘American Werewolf in London’ stalking through the tube station, silent but menacing to the extreme.
The thing that was Della Nye loosely resembled an immense cat, but devoid of a single hair. Its/her bald and mottled skin held faint stripes across her back but these were as shadows on a lawn at twilight.
Della Nye opened her jaws and Adrian Baxter forgot every thing else in the world! The yellowed fangs were a direct contrast to Gemma’s demure needle fangs; these were huge tusks in comparison and perfect for crushing and shredding flesh and bone.

The twin sister to Gemma walked towards the stricken man on four grotesque feet. Della’s huge back rippled with muscle as she moved.
She appraised Adrian with a bestial gaze.

At that moment their eyes met and Adrian’s already terror stricken mind started to splinter uncontrollably. Della’s eyes were unmistakably human.

Adrian Baxter began to convulse with shock and Gemma Nye, ever smiling slipped next to him. A single claw raked a neat furrow down his left cheek.

Adrian vomited a stream of bile as the twins laughed at her taunting. Della’s laugh was the bubbling of phlegm in a barrel chest.

“Remember in the club when I asked if you liked to eat pussy?”

A single tear was all Adrian could manage as he recalled Gemma’s whispered question.

“Well this time the Pussy gets to eat you!”

Gemma clamped her needle teeth down onto his right forearm.

Adrian, although completely unable to move; could feel every shred of living agony as his flesh was flenched from his bones.

Then Della clamped her cavernous jaws around his throat and he knew no more.


Paul Whittaker couldn’t believe his luck when the girl he’d been staring at looked up and flashed a sexy smile back at him.

He was nursing a beer in Hodge’s bar; one of Manchester’s better establishments if you were hoping to meet an eligible single of the opposite sex.

The Lycra-clad babe padded over to him, smiling as she came.

She slid into the seat next to him with a feline grace. “Hi there, my name’s Gemma, what’s yours?”


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  1. So it runs in the family then, Jim. I fear I'd have fallen for Gemma, too (please don't tell the Mrs!). There's definitely a book or two with this/these characters touring the country to check out the 'local delicacies!' Slightly different slant on the traditional vampire/werewolf stories which gives it an original feel and makes it even more marketable in my opinion. Go for it!

  2. Glad you liked it Col.
    I've been reading your stuff too - all good!
    Keep up them coming.