Thursday, 23 April 2009


A big welcome to Mike on his TKnC debut...


May 1, 2007

Dear Mr. Giddings,

I am in receipt of yours of April 30 regarding your account and recent family illness. We must deny your request for a 30 day extension. Unfortunately, if we do not have payment in full of the arrears amount past due since March 31, we will have to terminate service to your address. In the event you wish to reinstate service, we will need you to pay the full amount, plus service charges and a handling fee of $25. In addition, your deposit will be forfeit, so a new deposit will be required should you decide to continue service to your account.

We recognize that you have been a customer in good standing for the past 7 years without a late payment, so I am authorized to extend you a grace period of 48 hours(close of business May 3) to bring your account into good standing, at the end of which time, service will be terminated and the account referred to our collection department. Additionally, a flag will be placed in your credit report.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hobart P. Clydesdale
Customer Service Supervisor

May 5, 2007

Dear Mr. Giddings,

In the unexpected absence of Supervisor Clydesdale, your account has been referred to me for handling. In reviewing the situation, I see no recourse but to follow his recommendations and terminate your service as of May 7. Should you wish to avoid this action, I urge you to contact me at once.

Franklin Pumpkiss
Customer Service Representative

May 8, 2007

Dear Mr. Giddings,

Your account has been referred to me as Mr. Pumpkiss has apparently been called out of town unexpectedly, and following the tragic and mysterious death of Supervisor Clydesdale, I have reviewed the circumstances of your account and find no reason not to grant your request of April 30 and extend you 30 days to bring your account current.

I hope and trust you find this satisfactory.

J. Smith
Customer Service

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  1. Liked this Mike. The hidden story behind the letters is handled very well. It left me begging the question: But is Mr. Giddings satisfied or will poor ol'Smith be doing a disappearing act as well?

  2. Well thought out & original piece this Mike, but, initially, I didn't know where you were going with it.
    And, Matt, I think Smith is a shrewd so-n-so and just wanted the squabble settled...just in case!

  3. Mike, mate. A gem that! very clever.Good on yer!

  4. Matt,
    Smith should go on vacation, just to be safe, lol.

    Col Bury, Copy that!

    Hey, Paul! Thanks very much!!

  5. Very creative direction here. I too have got some delinquent bills, Mike. You think Mr. Giddings may have a few moments to review my situation?

  6. Angel,
    Thanks! Look forward to seeing your work here soon!

    Mr. Giddings is presently unavailable due to an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his ex-wife and a high school football coach.

  7. Heh heh heh...

    Classic Mike Whitney!

    Carry on and carry over.

  8. Lorianne,
    Leering with harmless intent, the old man shuffles off giggling softly.

  9. Interesting technique of the story actually being what's not written rather than what is - good way of making sure the reader engages their own imagination.

  10. Clare,
    I never thought of it that way, but you're right. Thank you!

  11. Mike-
    I agree with Clare it is a very unique technique and well used here. Great read.

  12. Thanks, LJ! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  13. This is terrific. Clare's right - the unsaid says everything. Well done, Mike.